It’s been a big November at TLA with Christmas stock coming in and out, some new product categories entering our range, and lots of new customers (THANK YOU!!). This month we also have a few announcements for new and existing customers and some topical Q and A’s for you.

November Pro Range Instruction Manual Update
We have updated the downloadable instruction manuals in the Pro Series section of our website. The changes reflect the questions we have received from existing customers. We have also included a step by step guide with photos for installing one pro model, or using the daisy chain feature to link 2 or more panels.
Download your copy here

We hope you continue to help us improve our instruction manuals by calling or emailing us with any questions.

Daisy Chains from TLA

The new Pro Series instruction manual is clearer and more concise, with more pictures!

New Accessories
A lot of people who bought products from our home series, wanted to know if they could purchase a Universal Door Mount and Adjustable Hanging Kit. We received your calls and emails and we have listened, and now you can easily purchase both on our website!

We have made them separate products, in case you have no use for both, and if you would like to buy both at once, we have of course made that the cheaper option!

We have also got a new range of face masks! These have had great results all around the world and we are happy to be selling our top quality versions of these products!

Our new Universal Door Mount and Adjustable Hanging Kit 

A Brief Usage Guide
Most of our customers so far have proven that they do their research and we don’t hear anything except positive reviews. However, sometimes someone isn’t getting a result or is looking for guidance as to how they could get better results.

Here are the answers to our top 3 most relevant questions this month.

Q: I am not getting any results in terms of healing my acne. I am using a 45w Panel and am resting it on my shoulders for 20 mins twice a day, with the aim of treating my shoulders and back. What am I doing wrong?

A: Short answer is it sounds like you are too close to your device for it to work. While the 45w panels are not powerful, you still need to give the light some room to disperse evenly on the skin. Try using your panel for 10-15 mins, twice a day, at a distance of 5-10cm for best results.

Q: I am not getting any results in terms of pain management. I am standing with my arm against the light for 20-30 minutes twice a day and nothing! How can I improve my results? (Home 1000 user)

A: Short answer is you are standing too close for too long. When trying to treat painful areas, you should aim to be within 8-15cm of a Home Model, and 10-15cm of a Pro model for 3-5minutes, twice a day. When you go too close for too long, the light will actually have less effect and your body will not efficiently absorb any more light. Try standing a bit further back, and shortening your sessions. Remember this process is about waking your body up, not shocking it.

And lastly:

Q: I got a 45w panel and only half the lights are working like a checkerboard. It is clearly faulty, can I have a refund?

A: Please read the product description before making your purchase. We surprisingly still get this question a lot, and that is ok, but we would prefer our customers read a bit about the lights first to avoid that bit of disappointment and confusion! The answer to this is that NIR light (850nm) is invisible to the human eye. Your light is working, you just can’t see the light that every second LED emits.

Our new facemasks have hit the shelves online!

Make sure to keep asking us your questions, and make sure to always check our FAQ and BLOG section for new knowledge, updates and product use tips! Until next time….