Red Light therapy for Aches, Pains & Arthritis

Let me start by saying I cannot guarantee you the life changing results that I have experienced, but the science behind these lights can get pretty close! What do I mean by that? Allow me to explain…

If I was to claim right now that unanimously, my products will heal every medical ailment the world can possibly throw at you, I would be shooting broadly, and I would be incorrect. For example: could light therapy help grow back amputated limbs? Probably not. So I always want you to remember that although I get excited and my results have been out of this world; I am writing this as a human, and as such am as unique as yourself.

I can definitely make the claim that over 3000 peer reviewed studies have concluded that light therapy can benefit humans suffering an incredibly large list of ailments. Today I will be writing about Aches and Pains, potentially to do with Sporting injuries or Arthritis. I also explain how you could potentially increase vitamin D levels using sunlight more safely by implementing Red light therapy into your daily routine.

I will try and write all this, using non-scientific terms. If you are interested in some scientific phrases and topics surrounding Red & NIR therapy, please visit our about section or join our mailing list, we have stacks of knowledge on the subject!


The science shows that exposure to NIR & Red light therapy, increases the amount of ATP (cellular energy) in the cells right? So, basically by increasing the energy your body has access to around and throughout your injuries, may have life changing benefits including that pain relief that we originally wanted, but also helping to rebuild the areas so that the effect is more permanent. This is the primary benefit of Light therapy.

Day to day life, and our ever-growing list of hobbies and activities can lead to injuries. On top of that, many younger and younger people are suffering from more acute and chronic arthritis. Could it be linked to a light deficiency?

The answer is yes, Light Deficiency very much could be a driving factor. In fact, it has been broadly determined that people are spending up to 80% more time indoors than they were just 40 years ago!

Humans have only lived with a roof over their heads for 24 hour periods for a very short time in our evolutionary history. There is overwhelming evidence to suggest light deficiencies at least play a part in many long term chronic illnesses.

Take for example one of the worlds most common deficiencies: VITAMIN D. Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to a rise in illness, chronic illnesses (especially arthritis), cancer, and even a comeback of old ailments we haven’t seen in decades (like rickets). In general, we have a worldwide population that on average, is more likely to be deficient in Vitamin D than not!

This is scary stuff considering the only viable way to get enough vitamin D for your bones and muscles to thrive and repair properly, is a proper amount of sun exposure. Worse still our skin has become so maladapted to sunlight, that we often burn when we try to get that healthy amount of Vitamin D.

Red and NIR therapy actually helps to change all of this.


It is shown that there are only 3 ways of getting Vitamin D: sunlight, diet (mostly through added in supplements and animal products) and direct supplements (tablets/ capsules). The massive problem that we have as humans, is that we cannot efficiently absorb vitamin D through our diets or digestive tracks.

Light therapy has actually been shown to strengthen the skins resistance to sunburn, by boosting collagen levels within the skin. The skin can then more properly deal with harsher sunli`ght, i.e. the period between 10am-2pm when the sunlight is its richest in Vitamin D.

So how would you use Light therapy to help you gain more vitamin D as well as providing you with more cellular energy?

Here is this writers theory (at this point for legal reasons I must put a *READ DISCLAIMER):

Let’s say we have Barry.
Barry has a sore lower back.
Barry has purchased a TLA Pro 750 and wants to use it to help him with his lower back pain.

As we already know, Barry’s light diet is more than likely deficient in Vitamin D and beneficial Red and NIR light wavelengths.

Barry should hypothetically sit with the panel about 12cm away from the sore spot. He should do this for 5 minutes every morning before 8am.

Here’s the crazy part. At 11am-2pm, when the sun is quite hot, Barry should find a private place and expose only the treated area, to the full force of the sun for no longer than 5 minutes. Now I am almost positive anyone reading, who has had back pain, has felt some relief from warmth, like a heat pack or even suntanning. One of the reasons for this, is that your body is telling you that it is craving Vitamin D.

To avoid a nasty burn, Barry may build up to this level of sun exposure over 5 weeks, i.e. 1 minute of sun exposure per day for week 1, 2 week 2 and so on.

At night time, Barry should repeat his morning routine, using the Pro 750 in the exact same way. If Barry received any sun burn during his short time in the sun, the NIR / Red light will actually help to repair that. Barry would be unlikely to burn following this conservative guide. [May I add as the writer, that I myself am a very pale ginger and followed a slightly less conservative guide to no ill effects.]

If Barry wanted to see full body effects, he would simply purchase a TLA Pro 1500w panel and connect it seamlessly with his current Pro 750 model. He should continue this routine of red light therapy and controlled sun exposure for the rest of his days or at least 4 weeks for optimum results.

This technique would also be handy when treating sore knees, sore hands, sore ankles, sore shoulders, and basically any type of sporting injury.

That’s it for now!

I hope you have gained an answer to your question and thanks as always for reading! Join our MAILING LIST NOW to keep up to date with all the studies and recommendations we are currently keeping track of and developing!


We can not actually recommend any form of sun exposure to anyone. Despite the science, there is too much potential for us advising that to cause harm.

However, we definitely recommend consulting a Doctor and under strict supervision and guidelines, try to boost your Vitamin D levels in this way. It is what humans have done since the dawn of humanity, (NIR/ Red light is actually found most prominently in early morning sunlight and late afternoon sunlight). The implications of this type of treatment would make a lot of sense when considering how we have adapted to absorb light and Vitamin D throughout our broader history. And perhaps we can conclude that living indoors is causing us more harm than good, if we are NOT supplementing our light diet with NIR/ Red light therapy devices.