On the website, I do mention that we try to keep our information simple and digestible for the everyday person. However, the reality of these products is far from simple, in fact they were first developed and tested by NASA to use in space.

Anything used around a space like that (pun intended), is going to require a massive amount of technology, research and science. Personally, I was overwhelmed by it all at first. At points I definitely shut off and stopped taking it in. If that is you, this video may be a good watch.

One thing that amazes me every day is how these LED panels have paved the way for innovative and exciting new parts of modern technology. Modern health is a doorway I do feel the global society is yet to fully understand or unlock. Perhaps red light therapy is a key to something new. There are constantly more uses and applications for Red and NIR light therapy that are being tested and re-tested; pushing the industry to where it is today.

One study that has really amazed me is broken down well in this video. It relates to potentially reducing your risk of vitamin D deficiency using Red and NIR light therapy and controlled sun exposure. Very interesting stuff!

As seen in this video, Red and NIR light therapy devices just like ours, have been shown to make small amounts of sun exposure safer. Within strict guidelines, it is the writers opinion that many people could benefit from a routine of red and NIR light therapy and controlled sun exposure. Everyday more and more Pod studies are being done, if you are involved in one, we would love to hear from you! We will gladly post excerpts of your peer reviewed work, and generally love discussing our opinions and results; contact us!

Happy Science-ing

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